City sledding

A baking sheet and an oven. These are two items that go together, right? This is not the case for our smaller-than-normal oven. Alas, our baking sheet does not fit inside (our cookies are destined to bake inside loaf pans or baking dishes for now). We have found a more suitable use for our baking sheet: sledding.

Check out the wonder that is sailing down a street on a baking sheet. There was quite a sledding crowd on the street next to ours and I saw another baking sheet in use. We also saw cardboard boxes, real sleds, a snowboard, and a laundry basket.

We thought about walking over to Gas Works to sled, but that would've been a long hike and our hill seemed a good alternative. The downside to sledding down city streets are the cars, and I already got an e-mail from a co-worker informing us that his daughter and her friend were hit by a car while sledding down a nearby street (his daughter escaped unharmed but her friend was less fortunate and will need surgery). So be careful people and watch for headlights. This isn't Frogger, this is real life.

Holidays in Seattle

We've done some decorating at the place to get it ready for Christmas! It looks pretty festive thanks to our old school big-bulb lights.

Good job Mark!

All done...

The biggest snowstorm to hit Seattle in 12 years has been fun to play in! Sometimes we wish we had a dog to romp with us through the snow. I don't think Frederick would make it. Also, a note to Seattle businesses: if you are going to put de-icer down in front of your establishment, could you please have the courtesy to at least shovel it off? It's much harder to trudge through slushy snow than it is to slide on top of packed snow. Geez.

Also, a note to our neighbor: why in the world are you shoveling off your roof? Don't you want the added insulation? Also, what would compel you to shovel off not just your walking area on the roof, but the whole rest of your roof as well? What the heck.

The chinchilla with nine lives

We were shocked Frederick was still alive after we discovered my chewed-up computer cord... bad chinchilla!

Mark and Heather's Chore List

1. Make a chore list
2. Clean something