Heather's 100 List

1. Go to the Taj Mahal
2. Ride an elephant
3. See the penguins in Antarctica
4. Become a proficient whistler
5. Learn to play the harmonica
6. Take a photography class
7. Learn Spanish
10. Go to a U2 show
12. Score over 400 in a Scrabble game
13. Visit Washington DC
15. Do 10 *real* push-ups in a row
17. Play a FULL tennis match with my mom
19. Own a pair of red shoes
20. Attend an MLS Cup championship featuring the Seattle Sounders
21. Go to a Broadway show in New York
22. Spend a Christmas in New York
23. Bake a pie from scratch
24. Attend a fancy benefit dinner or auction
25. Make tamales from scratch
27. Drive a Mini Cooper
28. Attend a Saturday Night Live taping
29. Ride in a limousine
30. Visit Cuba
31. Move my piano from Colorado to our future house
32. Own a dog
33. Take a ballet class as an adult
35. Play racquetball with Mark
36. Fly first class
37. Finish a triathlon
38. Attend a World Cup match
39. Actually FINISH crocheting a blanket
40. Own and run a side business
41. Visit the Grand Canyon
42. Hold a monkey
43. Sip sangria in Spain
44. Crochet a pair of socks
45. Try every flavor of Molly Moon's ice cream (seasonal flavors exempted)
47. Learn how to make espresso
49. Ride in a seaplane
50. Become published
52. Be at Alki Beach when the Seafair Pirates arrive
53. Take at least six months off work and travel
54. Go to a Seahawks game 
55. Host Thanksgiving for our family members
56. Host Christmas for our family members
57. Climb a 14'er in Colorado
58. Day hike on Mount Rainier
63. Hail a taxicab 
64. Volunteer at a non-profit in some capacity
65. Go sea kayaking
66. See an orca in the wild
68. Swim proficiently, or at least decently
69. Visit the Middle East
70. Go to a Cirque de Soleil show
71. See "Les Miserables" on the stage
73. Go to a drive-in movie theater
75. Bring down my mile average to 9 minutes
76. Ride in a pedicab
77. Participate in a flash mob
78. Go to a dueling piano bar
79. Learn the mandolin
80. Go to a play in a park
81. Make hard apple cider
82. Snorkle in the Great Barrier Reef
83. Go to an Olympic event
84. Busk on a street somewhere 
85. Be an extra in a movie
86. Go to a book signing by an author I respect
87. Go to a show at The Crocodile
88. Visit a friend in another country
89. Be part of an initiative to break a world record
90. Serve on some sort of community board
91. Pay off our student loans
94. Be called to jury duty
95. Go snowshoeing
96. Ride in a gondola
97. Go wine-tasting in Napa Valley
98. Participate in the Hood to Coast relay
99. Ride a tandem bike
100. Hike in a rainforest