MLS fever

Richard got on the big screen! You can see him after the goal scored, when they cut to the crowd the first time. He’s waving his scarf! I think Mom is right behind him. Way to support MLS, family!

Is this mine or yours? Definitely mine!

Snacks at the office are few and far between, and often result in food hoarding and conversations that go a little bit like this.

I go to the toaster and unwrap a bagel I’ve been saving at my desk, procured at first chance at least half an hour before the sales meeting even started.

Co-worker: “Hey, you stole my bagel!”
Heather: “No, this is mine! I grabbed it when Dave got here with them!”
Co-worker: “I wrapped mine with a paper towel! I’m checking the fridge! Oh, here’s mine. Sorry.”
Heather: “I told you!”

We regress to our animalistic instincts when food is involved. I write my name in big block letters on every jar of mayonnaise I bring in, and keep other food in my desk, lest anyone get the wrong idea. Others wrap snacks in paper towels or plastic wrap, and hide it in the furthest recesses of the fridge. When it comes to snacks, you must protect what you have! Give me my bagel! Hands off my peanut butter!

Coffee coffee

Stumptown Coffee supplies the beans for our neighborhood coffee shop, Voxx Coffee on Eastlake. Mark can never stop raving about Stumptown, mostly because it’s based in his hometown of Portland (plus their roasts are superb). Stumptown is apparently taking its java to the Big Apple and causing a stir in the meantime.

Read the feature on Stumptown founder Duane Sorenson here.

Movies About Journalists continued

After my previous blog post, I only thought it fair to include some movie titles so you can see for yourselves how fun it is to watch journalists take down the bad guys (or get taken down by the good guys).

1. “All The President’s Men” – Classic film about Carl Bernstein and Bill Woodward, the journalists who broke the Watergate story. This movie probably spawned the journalists of today. Everyone’s looking for their big source who will give them the big story.

2. “Shattered Glass” – A recent film based on the true story of a journalist at The New Yorker, who started fabricating sources. Never a good thing.

3. “Never Been Kissed” – Yeah yeah, I know, hardly a real journalism movie. But Drew plays a copy editor, so she’s close to my heart.

Feel free to submit more!

Movies about Journalists

"State of Play" arrives in theaters today, supposedly a high-powered intelligent drama about the clash between a journalist, his informant, and the corrupt corporation. It sounds intriguing to me, but not just because Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck star. The real reason is because I love watching movies/shows about journalists, maybe because it reminds me of the old days. I know my "old days" were short, but they were loved. And I know I'm not the only one who loves to watch journalists in action. (And yes, I am aware this site is a blatant rip-off of another).
An editor from The Washington Post was a consultant for the film, and you can read about his experience here. I'm sure he never guessed his career would take him to a play with Rachel McAdams!

Candles are a foods group

Mark and I think it's funny that not only does Safeway sell candles with the image of Jesus or Mary on them, but they are sold in the Hispanic foods section. Last time I checked, candles were not food. I'd like to see an edible candle though. Burn the majority and eat the rest! It sounds anti-wasteful.

Opening day

As it is opening day for our beloved Seattle Mariners and the long-awaited homecoming of star Ken Griffey Jr., I only thought it befitting to mourn the loss of a luxury stolen by the economy. Everyone's trimming the fat, and my company is no different. This year, we bid goodbye to our company season tickets. How I will miss thee, club level. Your seats are superior to the left and center field bleachers, and I enjoyed receiving menus when we arrived. Not that we ever ordered anything. But we could have! And I can't forget the parking pass provided with the tickets. We could forgo the walk from Pioneer Square for an evening!

But fear not, Mariners. We'll still be there in full support, but probably in the $7 center field seats. Hey, we've got to trim the fat too! At least we're still showing up. You guys better do the same. We have a deal.

Sick Times At Seymour High

I think we all can agree that head colds are a miserable annoyance that most everyone must endure. You do your sick time, probably around seven to 10 days for the virus to run its course, and then you’re back to a healthy streak again. But those seven to 10 sick days bring out the dramatic side in you, a side that says that this is certainly the sickest you’ve been in months, and it feels like you’ll never be healthy again. In fact, you don’t even remember what it felt like to be healthy! Your nose is red from the constant Kleenexes, and your swollen sinuses are pushing the tears out of your eyes. All you want to do is lay on the couch with a blanket and a TV show on DVD (and a brandy doesn’t hurt either). Of course, immobility seems to make the sinus pressure worse, but just the thought of taking a walk exhausts you.

I hate to be dramatic (well, who am I kidding? I love it!), but today is one of those days. Only I’m not at home on my couch. But I plan on being there soon.

A night to ourselves

So active!

I don’t mention work much on my blog but in case you were wondering, I’m in marketing at a corporate real estate firm in south Seattle. I’ve learned more about lease negotiations and industrial building specifications than I’d ever cared to know. But that isn’t my point. I’ve been here over a year now, and I’m continually impressed by my co-workers’ athleticism and desire to stay active through their 40s and 50s. One of them used to play on the professional golf circuit and another played professional hockey in America and Europe; both still play their respective games, as well as compete in a slew of other activities like the Mountains to Sound relay or local triathlons. Our office hosts a few marathon runners and I hope to join their ranks in June when I participate in the Rock ‘N Roll marathon here in Seattle (although I’m only doing the half-marathon… so I’m that much closer to joining the ranks). Another co-worker is a dancer: ballroom, swing and salsa. She’s out at dances or lessons four to five nights a week. Most of the guys in the office are also involved in coaching: basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball… you name it! I’ve been informed about the game of squash and how it is superior to racquetball, and even shown videos of professional players.

I hope that when I’m in my 40s and 50s, I’m half as active as these guys.

Sounders still undefeated

Today Mark and I drove to the George and the Dragon an hour early in order to secure prime spots for the Sounders FC's match against Toronto. It felt a little weird to order beer at noon; I don't think our bodies were ready for alcohol that early. Especially since we had eaten oatmeal half an hour before we arrived. We've been at the G&D for all three games of the season, but there was definitely a difference in today's game. Today marked the Sounders' first away game, so all the season ticket holders had come to the G&D to watch the match since they couldn't go to Qwest Field. You could tell who they were by their green scarves and their initiative to lead chants! It was quite exciting and made for a festive atmosphere, especially when the Sounders claimed a 2-0 victory. Seattle still holds undefeated bragging rights and every game has been a shutout. It's fun to actually support a winning Seattle team. The Seahawks continue to struggle, the Mariners lack pitchers, and Oklahoma claimed the Sonics. Beyond them we only have college sports, and I'm not prepared to throw my fan weight behind a bunch of 20-year-olds.

April Fools ideas?

I know it's a little late to be planning pranks for today, but Wired has some great ideas for your inner nerd.