Opening day

As it is opening day for our beloved Seattle Mariners and the long-awaited homecoming of star Ken Griffey Jr., I only thought it befitting to mourn the loss of a luxury stolen by the economy. Everyone's trimming the fat, and my company is no different. This year, we bid goodbye to our company season tickets. How I will miss thee, club level. Your seats are superior to the left and center field bleachers, and I enjoyed receiving menus when we arrived. Not that we ever ordered anything. But we could have! And I can't forget the parking pass provided with the tickets. We could forgo the walk from Pioneer Square for an evening!

But fear not, Mariners. We'll still be there in full support, but probably in the $7 center field seats. Hey, we've got to trim the fat too! At least we're still showing up. You guys better do the same. We have a deal.

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