The Great Urban Race: We need your help!

My friend Maile and I need your help! We are participating in The Great Urban Race here in Seattle at the end of July and we are trying to think up an excellent team name (see their Web site for more examples and an explanation of the event - basically The Amazing Race, but a one-day event in Seattle). We've been trying all sorts of plays on words with our names (Heather Seymour and Maile Bliss), or where we live (Eastlake or Lake Union), or really anything at all. We've posted some options below and we need you to VOTE or SUBMIT YOUR OWN!

Look on the right side of this blog to see the poll - you can vote for multiple options, but please don't vote for all of them, as that is not helpful! If you have additional ideas (please have additional ideas), then submit a comment and let us know! If we pick your name you submitted, you might win a prize!

Note: there WILL be costumes involved. So if you are submitting a name, please include a costume idea!

Here are some of our ideas to get you going but please feel free to come up with new ones:
  • SeeMoreBliss
  • Wifey and the Third Wheel
  • She-Cops
  • Blissed Off
  • MLA Enforcement
  • Blogger Stalkers
  • Sound-itas FC
  • Heart and Soul
  • Beauty and the Bliss
  • Guns of Steel
  • Steel Guns
  • Steel Magnolias
  • Iron Women
  • Top Guns
Again, the poll itself is on the right side of this blog, above the About Me section - go vote!


CitySolve Urban Race said...

Don't forget about CitySolve Urban Race. It's coming to Seattle on July 10th!

Maile said...

Hey guys! Maile here...Mark was saying last night that he thought "Beauty and the Bliss" could be taken as offensive. But please know that I don't take it that way at all. It's actually one of my favorites! (Mostly because the costume would probably include disney princess get-ups) So vote for whichever one you want and don't forget that suggestions are just as welcome. Thanks! : )

Oh Sweet Jenny said...

That sounds like so much fun, Heather and Maile! In fact, if the event allowed more than pairs, then I'd be begging to tag along on your team. ;)...

I like the first three the best. I thought of SeeMoreBliss immediately - and liked that you had it on your list.


CitySolve Urban Race said...

CitySolve Urban Race allows 2 to 6 members on a team. Hope to see you on July 10th in Seattle!