My shoe problem

The past 10 weeks I've been off work has been a great time to rejuvenate my closet and get rid of items I don't wear anymore (and pack up those maternity clothes I don't care to see for a good while). My work shoe collection in particular needed a major overhauling. I'm very hard on shoes, which I've never quite understood given that I have a cushy desk job. I wore my old black pair of heeled booties into the ground two winters ago (I actually wore the sole down so much that a large crack formed, which I finally noticed when I walked through a puddle).

I ordered these Shoemint booties during a sale but initially didn't like them. Returning them was on my agenda but then we went to Hawaii on our babymoon and the return window passed. I stuck them in the back of my closet (I ordered them in April) and forgot about them until last week. Now that my return to work is looming, work-appropriate attire has been at the forefront of my mind. I tried these on again and decided I did indeed like them! Though, a 4.5" heel? What was I thinking? I'll have to keep a pair of flats in the car for the sole purpose of lugging Brendan's car seat into daycare.

I was also in need of some basic pumps so I picked up these classic beauties, also from Shoemint. I'm ALL about a classic looking pump. They never go out of style.

Since I decided two pairs wasn't enough, I also snagged this dark blue suede pair. I have a problem.

I've been living in a pair of black flats for a year now and decided to branch out into these suede flats. I really love them! I got the taupe color since they'll go with everything but I'm very tempted by the red ones. So far I've resisted. Can you tell I'm more of a classic shoe person versus trendy?

Last but certainly not least, it's boot weather. I found these boots at Target and they fit all my specifications: cognac color, slight heel, and no cutouts. I love them! They obviously aren't work friendly (at least for me) but I foresee a long future with them as soon as I get my act together and waterproof them.

Now I'm on a shoe spending moratorium. Also, I just happen to really like Shoemint. These aren't affiliate links and they aren't sponsoring me!

What I'll miss (and won't miss) about maternity leave

What I'll miss:


2. Even this face.

3. Making myself leisurely breakfasts. I've gotten really into chilaquiles lately, which involves frying up tortilla pieces in salsa and topping them with a fried egg. I learned about the dish from a friend and used this recipe as a guideline. It's a great way to use up corn tortillas after an enchilada supper.

4. The opportunity to visit people I normally don't see very much. I've taken Brendan to SPU to visit with some college advisers and former employers who I don't see very often because we all work nine-to-fives. I've enjoyed this time to catch up with old friends!

5. Being caught up on all my shows. Since Brendan still sleeps a ton, I can catch up on The Voice and Parenthood pretty easily. I know it won't always be this way so I'm taking advantage of those naps while I can!

6. Being my own sous chef throughout the day. While Brendan naps, I save myself some dinner hour labor by chopping vegetables, measuring spices, or whatever else I can do to prepare for dinner. Having those tasks already completed before cooking makes putting dinner together so fast! That's the secret on all the cooking shows: having everything ready before you start cooking.

What I won't miss: 

1. Underlying guilt that I should be getting more done throughout the day since I'm at home. But hey. You can't do it all. I already think staying at home is a lot of work (interspersed with keeping up with my shows...) and Brendan isn't even mobile yet! I just tell myself that the to-do list will always have items on it and that's OK. That's just life. Just say no to guilt!