Why I love Costco

Costco is my weakness. Well, not quite. But close. There's just something about bulk shopping. All the savings! And where else could I go during lunchtime to receive enough free samples to feed a small army? With this in mind, I marched up to the plastic wall that divides the cake decorators in the bakery from the shoppers. I said I was considering ordering a cake (fact) but needed some samples before I could make any decisions. I walked away with full samples of three kinds of frosting and three different fillings (may I recommend the strawberry mousse for fruit lovers). I felt a little silly as I had no utensils, and the samples were generous dollops of sugary goodness on a torn sheet of waxed paper. I had no recourse but to use my fingers (I'm sure all those looks I was getting were looks of jealousy, looks of why-didn't-I-think-of-that-myself). And come on, who doesn't love Costco cakes? Don't you deny it.

The 'hood

Here is a picture of the view from Mark's apartment, which is where I'll move after we get married on October 18. For those of you familiar with Seattle, you can see Gas Works Park just across the water (for those unfamiliar with Seattle, Gas Works Park was the location of the paintball scene in the movie "10 Things I Hate About You". I was very disappointed when I discovered there wasn't really a paintball place there in real life...) It's a great little spot on Lake Union and I'm looking forward to living there! Mark's parents just brought over his inflatable raft and we can't wait for a nice day so we can take it out for a spin on Lake Union.

Lines on the Road

I sat down with my journal and a pen to write this inaugural blog entry, but found myself staring at the page, unwilling to commit in ink words that I might want to change. I guess I've grown accustomed to my Delete key and the freedom it offers. So I opened TextEdit and here I am...

Dear friends. As many of you know, I have settled in Seattle and call this rainy city my home. This blog is a way of sharing a part of my life with you, and I think it'd be swell if you'd join me. The title of the blog, lines on the road, comes from an older Caedmon's Call song called Faith My Eyes. I won't bog you down with a soliloquy about how we're all on a journey, following the lines on the road wherever they may take us... let's just say this is my way of sharing where the lines on the road are taking me. And how I feel about that. So stay tuned and don't switch that channel...