Why I love Costco

Costco is my weakness. Well, not quite. But close. There's just something about bulk shopping. All the savings! And where else could I go during lunchtime to receive enough free samples to feed a small army? With this in mind, I marched up to the plastic wall that divides the cake decorators in the bakery from the shoppers. I said I was considering ordering a cake (fact) but needed some samples before I could make any decisions. I walked away with full samples of three kinds of frosting and three different fillings (may I recommend the strawberry mousse for fruit lovers). I felt a little silly as I had no utensils, and the samples were generous dollops of sugary goodness on a torn sheet of waxed paper. I had no recourse but to use my fingers (I'm sure all those looks I was getting were looks of jealousy, looks of why-didn't-I-think-of-that-myself). And come on, who doesn't love Costco cakes? Don't you deny it.

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