No Internet? Big problem.

This day has made me grateful to excellent customer service representatives. I like to think I have many skills but I do know that customer service isn’t one of them. I have a hard time taking flak for a problem I didn’t create, or taking responsibility for an issue that wasn’t my responsibility. I personally think that IT companies must have the hardest jobs – they have to deal with people who lose their Internet.

We lost our Internet at work today for six hours. No external e-mails were getting in, none of our e-mails to outside addresses were getting out, and the worst part: THE INTERWEB WAS DOWN. As the point person at my company for IT, the problem falls on my shoulders. This means I get to answer this question all day: “Um… did you know our Internet is gone?” YES. YES I DO.

In my work experience, nothing aggravates people more than the loss of what we now consider to be a human right – the right to information. Take away our lifeline to knowledge and the outside world and we are lost. And increasingly disagreeable.

And so I waited, and tried not to be a burden on our local communications provider – I don’t want to be that crazy client that IT customer service reps complain about at the bar on Friday night.

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