Garden Update: 6 weeks in

We've gotten so much rain in the last two weeks that I haven't had to go down to the garden at all! After giving one of the cucumbers as much time to sprout as I could handle, we finally decided that he wasn't going to sprout after all and needed to be replanted. I've heard it's common for cucumbers to rot early, so hopefully the re-planting will take this time - even though the seed package advised to plant in full sunlight. (Full sunlight? What's that?)

I also discovered a visitor in the garden yesterday - three of them, actually. I was thinking that a patch of the carrots didn't look so hot when I saw him, followed by his trail of slime. Slug! I picked him off my carrots and went to inspect my lettuce, and found two in there. To be fair, I was warned about the danger of slugs to northwest gardens and even bought copper tape to ward them off (apparently the copper delivers a small shock to the slugs when they come in contact with it, and is an alternative to putting slug poison on the ground) but I hadn't installed it around my plot yet. I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend.

Welcome to our garlic experiment! Mark planted some garlic cloves and we're hoping they'll take root and give us plenty of garlic. If anything, it'll ward off the vampires.
Our snow peas have taken to the trellis and are climbing rapidly! It's exciting to see them grow so fast.
The carrots are showing promise if I can just keep the slugs out of them.
Likewise with the lettuce - this is no place for slugs! I think I need to start thinning the lettuce - it looks pretty crowded.

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Anonymous said...

This is going to sound really gross, but if you put out a bowl of beer (cheap beer is the best) they crawl into it and can't get out. It's disgusting but you will be amazed at how many dead slugs you find. :)