Is this mine or yours? Definitely mine!

Snacks at the office are few and far between, and often result in food hoarding and conversations that go a little bit like this.

I go to the toaster and unwrap a bagel I’ve been saving at my desk, procured at first chance at least half an hour before the sales meeting even started.

Co-worker: “Hey, you stole my bagel!”
Heather: “No, this is mine! I grabbed it when Dave got here with them!”
Co-worker: “I wrapped mine with a paper towel! I’m checking the fridge! Oh, here’s mine. Sorry.”
Heather: “I told you!”

We regress to our animalistic instincts when food is involved. I write my name in big block letters on every jar of mayonnaise I bring in, and keep other food in my desk, lest anyone get the wrong idea. Others wrap snacks in paper towels or plastic wrap, and hide it in the furthest recesses of the fridge. When it comes to snacks, you must protect what you have! Give me my bagel! Hands off my peanut butter!

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