Sounders still undefeated

Today Mark and I drove to the George and the Dragon an hour early in order to secure prime spots for the Sounders FC's match against Toronto. It felt a little weird to order beer at noon; I don't think our bodies were ready for alcohol that early. Especially since we had eaten oatmeal half an hour before we arrived. We've been at the G&D for all three games of the season, but there was definitely a difference in today's game. Today marked the Sounders' first away game, so all the season ticket holders had come to the G&D to watch the match since they couldn't go to Qwest Field. You could tell who they were by their green scarves and their initiative to lead chants! It was quite exciting and made for a festive atmosphere, especially when the Sounders claimed a 2-0 victory. Seattle still holds undefeated bragging rights and every game has been a shutout. It's fun to actually support a winning Seattle team. The Seahawks continue to struggle, the Mariners lack pitchers, and Oklahoma claimed the Sonics. Beyond them we only have college sports, and I'm not prepared to throw my fan weight behind a bunch of 20-year-olds.

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