#66: See an orca in the wild

This summer I visited San Juan Island with my brother while he was in town. I hoped and hoped we would catch the orcas while we were there and they didn't disappoint! We caught a ferry and headed straight to Lime Kiln Point State Park on the west side of the island, where you're most likely to see passing whales. After waiting a while with no whales in sight, we retreated to the car to eat our lunch away from the bees of the park (BEES! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! Name that movie.)

When we got back out, we overheard someone mention that a park ranger had radioed in and said the whales would be at the park in 10 minutes! This was proven by the line of cars streaming through the parking lot. Good thing we got there early! Richard and I ran back to one of the vantage points right in time to see a group of five whales approaching. They were a little far off but still close enough to catch a good look. Such magnificent creatures! 

I was SO happy we got to see them. There's obviously no guarantee they'll be around when you're around and as I had basically promised Richard some whales, I was really hoping they'd show up. 

Brendan didn't seem as excited about the whales as I was.
Then we drove up to Roche Harbor on the northern part of the island. Super cute little community if you get a chance to go. And good ice cream! This is why I love adventuring with my brother: he's game for anything. We only had a little over an hour to get up to Roche Harbor, look around, and get back to catch the return ferry. The time crunch only left us 15-20 minutes to run around Roche Harbor. Most people would say, eh, not worth it, but Richard said sure, let's do it! I love that attitude.

Roche Harbor
On the ferry
The day was so memorable, and all the more special because we could spend it with Richard. We got back around 7pm and had grilled salmon, potatoes and green beans for dinner. A perfect Seattle summer day.

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