Two days before the wedding

I was supposed to work the Thursday before the wedding, but an emergency dental appointment blew that out of the water. The problem (I think) was an unwelcome return of my TMJ caused by stress-related grinding of my teeth during the night. I woke up around 2 a.m. because my head felt like it was going to explode. And what does everyone do when they’re at the end of their rope? Call Mom of course! (Mom, you sounded awfully awake considering it was 3 a.m. your time…) By the time morning came, my roommate had come to the rescue with a bottle of Tylenol (which I later lost… sorry Melanie!)

So, a little example of how some details just get lost in the craziness of the week. But first, some history: My dad requested a different hotel than the reception location (the Coast), so I found him one down the street. We wanted to go to dinner together when he got in on Thursday, so he called when he got settled in his hotel. He was in room 126, he said. Mark, Breanna and I arrived at the Extended Stay down the street from the Coast, and knocked on the door of room 126. No one answered, so I called Dad. Our conversation is below:

Heather: “I’m standing outside your door, where are you?”
Dad: “Oh I went to get some coffee and I just got back… you’re here? No you aren’t.”
Heather: “Yes I am, room 126, right? I’m standing outside your door.”
Dad: “So am I…”
Heather: “Dad… what hotel are you at?”
Dad: “The Coast.”
Heather: “What?? Dad, you made a reservation at the Extended Stay!”
Dad: “Oh yes… I changed it and I forgot to tell you.”

Mark and Breanna thought it was funny, and I can’t say I wasn’t amused. Mark had not yet met my dad, and I was relieved that some random man didn’t come to the door of room 126 because Mark would’ve probably stuck out his hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Terry!” Which would’ve undoubtedly been funny but awkward.

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