Bringer of bad news?

Have you ever noticed that negativity loves company? I am certainly not immune. Due to our lack of Internet at our apartment (and our staunch refusal to sign up), Mark and I usually spend at least an hour on Saturdays at Voxx Coffee, a local spot on Eastlake. Voxx offers free wireless Internet and excellent coffee (Stumptown), and we use our time to catch up on news and blogs (and Facebook). For some reason, whenever I come across a sad/morbid story, I feel compelled to share it with Mark. I have been known to begin conversations with “Ohh, do you want to hear a sad story?” Mark will then say one of two things: “Do I have a choice?” or “Sure…” Well Mark, here is my resolution. I refuse to share negative stories that do not somewhat concern us. Of course, I’m not saying we should turn a blind eye to the hardships of the world, but I don’t want to be the harbinger of unnecessary depressing anecdotes. We’re surrounded by too much negativity in the first place to go about finding it ourselves!

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