This morning started like any other morning. I went into the bathroom to get ready for the day, opened the window, and that’s where the morning took a turn. In flew a yellow-striped nightmare. The bee flew straight toward the light fixture and attempted to sting it before settling contentedly on the bulb, staring at me all the while (jerk). Neither of us moved for a few minutes so I armed myself with a towel (maybe I could whip the bee to the floor?) and continued drying my hair. I got through the hairstyling and had started on the makeup when the bee went berserk again, which is when I finally shouted for Mark. I can’t handle this much stress at 6:45 a.m.! He disposed of it and the day returned briefly to normalcy.

Until I got outside. I walked the half-block to where I had parked the car yesterday afternoon and was baffled by an empty space. I racked my brain. I was most likely confused and had probably forgotten I’d parked somewhere else, right? But that couldn’t be right, because I was positive I had parked RIGHT HERE. I remember because there was a traffic jam on the street yesterday. The two-way street is only wide enough for one lane of cars, so when a face-off occurs, the car without the right-of-way must pull into a driveway or parallel park in order to let the other car pass. Someone failed to yield yesterday so there was a four-car back-up on each road leading up to the intersection, creating complete gridlock. A woman got out of her minivan to direct traffic, and once I finally got out of the intersection, I immediately pulled into an adjacent empty spot. I know exactly where I parked because I was on the phone with my mom, telling her I’d never seen this type of gridlock before. Back to this morning: I’m standing where I thought I parked, and it dawns on me that perhaps I inadvertently pulled into the “no parking” section of curb. Now I’m thinking my car must have been towed and I’m going through a mental checklist: call in late to work, figure out who towed my car, and ask Mark if he can take me to get it. Mark. Wait a second. Mark took MY car last night to run an errand. He obviously re-parked it and failed to tell me where. I had just pulled out my phone to call him when it rang, with Mark on the other line. “Hey, I just remembered I forgot to tell you where I reparked the car…”

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

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Richard Terry in Denver said...

you're not losing your mind!!! aaaahhhh!!