#14: Visit the San Juans

Mark and I took a mini vacation up to Orcas Island last weekend to celebrate our third anniversary, so I got to cross #14 off my 100 list! I've heard such great things about the San Juan Islands and I can't believe it has taken me eight years of living in the northwest to visit one. I didn't have a specific reason for choosing Orcas other than I had some friends who had gone before, and I secretly hoped to see an orca whale while we were there. That didn't pan out unfortunately but I have no regrets. This little trip reminded me that while we talk a lot about world traveling, there are still plenty of locales worth visiting that are close to home!

I've posted more pictures after the jump: click the link below to expand the post.

On the ferry over to Orcas. The forecast called for rain all weekend but
we got lucky with plenty of sunshine.

The Outlook Inn, our little home for the night.

This little beach had the most shells on its shore that I'd ever seen on a
beach! Most beaches are so thoroughly combed that you can't find any
good shells.

We drove up Mt. Constitution for its famous view - the receptionist
at the inn told us that the view had been chosen as the second best in
the northern hemisphere. I'm not sure who did the choosing but it
certainly did have a fantastic view. We could see to Canada.

Three years!

My new friend. She looks a little afraid? Probably because I was talking
to her.

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