Madame Tussaud's wax museum (pic heavy!)

While we were in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, we got to visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum in Hollywood. They were having a Veterans Day special (11/11/11) where you could buy admission for only $11 instead of the normal $25. Some of the wax figurines were disturbingly lifelike, like the Robert Pattinson statue outside the museum that kept getting moved around Hollywood to entice people to visit the museum. I kept expecting him to break character and start high-fiving people or something. Or biting their necks.

Here are some of my favorite pictures we took in the museum. (Click the link below Robert to see more pictures). Warning: this post is picture heavy!

Britney Spears was nice enough to take a picture. Disturbingly lifelike, no?
Brad wouldn't give me the time of day.

Mark and his hero, Daniel Craig.
Get outta my face, Bruce!
I'm telling Ryan Seacrest how amazing it is to be the next American Idol.
Charlie Chaplin.
Being cool with James Dean.
Mark in a scene from one of his favorite movies, "Lawrence of Arabia".
Look close, I'm behind the shower curtain! Eek!
Do you feel lucky?
Another scene from one of Mark's favorite movies, "The Great Escape".
Just Patrick and me, dancing.
Star Trek!
Chillin with Cameron Diaz.

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kw said...

I like the dirty dancing one, haha.
Just havin' the time of your life!