Half-marathon #2

My second half-marathon came and went and I’m still alive! Training was much easier this time around, and while I can’t say the race was “easy,” running it was much less difficult than the first time. Having my brother next to me for almost the whole race was definitely a highlight! I really wanted to keep up with him this time (last time he left me at mile 5) but again we weren’t destined to finish together. His leg cramped up at mile 11—as he says, “it’s all fun and games until mile 11”—so I pulled ahead. Typical twin syndrome: I’ve won one, he’s won one. ;)

The weather was absolutely perfect for running, and I enjoyed the new course. We started at the Seattle Center, ran down to the International District, over to Lake Washington and north to I-90, then over to the waterfront on the viaduct (awesome view) and back to the Seattle Center. The only bad thing about coming back up the viaduct was having to dodge runners who kept stopping to take pictures.
Mark caught me at the finish line.

After I finally found Richard after the race—I assumed we’d finish together so we never discussed a plan of how to find each other afterward in the thousands and thousands of people—we went to Portage Bay Café for brunch. And man was it the best brunch I’ve ever had.


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