Hometown blues

Ok, I admit it. I miss Greeley. I just returned from a lovely weekend home, and I already want to go back. I miss King Soopers and its uncanny ability to somehow bring about a reunion with someone I haven't seen in forever (this time it was Mrs. Beattie, for those of you Dayspringers who were around when she was there). I miss the countryside and all its fresh smells (I think I still may be used to the fertilizer and cows, I didn't smell a thing when I was there. Except for the skunks). I miss my friends who have made Greeley their home, which means I see them once or twice a year at best. I miss my friends who moved away from Greeley, which makes holidays a frantic time filled with coffee dates. I miss my family and our out-of-control schnauzer. I miss always knowing which direction is west. I miss JB's. I miss Wildflour, although I'll never be able to go back since they closed (best bagel shop ever). I miss the availability of cream cheese pizza. Now I have to make my own if I have a craving. Here's to you Greeley and all the memories you bring. All the outsiders may hate you and your unique smells, but you'll always hold a special place in my heart.

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