Favorite SNL cast members (in order)

Kristen Wiig: Kristen is without a doubt my favorite SNL cast member. She plays the weirdest characters and pulls them all off without a hitch.

Seth Meyers: I wish he did more than Weekend Update. He has great timing.
Darrell Hammond: Better than the real Bill Clinton.
Abby Elliott: Abby’s still fairly new, but she’s great for only being 21! And she was a dead ringer for Jessica Rabbit on Saturday.
Michaela Watkins: Great impressions. I thought Joan Rivers made a cameo the other night until I realized it was Michaela.
Fred Armisen: “I Ran So Far”… need I say more?
Will Forte: Not a big fan of MacGruber but he’s a natural in a mullet.
Jason Sudeikis: I most love his appearances on Weekend Update as a washed up rock star or songwriter. He’s a good Joe Biden too.
Casey Wilson: Typical all-around American girl next door.
Bill Hader: Meh whatev. But he played a great alien on Saturday.
Kenan Thompson: I still can’t get past his Nickelodeon background…
Andy Samberg: He’s too silly for me.
Bobby Moynihan: Sorry Bobby. Not so much.

Favorite cameo appearance: Justin Timberlake

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