Track this!

I’m a goal-setting person. I have to set an achievable goal in order to get anything done. When I decide to put on my tennis shoes and go for a run, I can’t just “run until I get tired”. (I’d quit in five minutes!) My running has to be defined by a time limit or by a distance limit, something I can tangibly measure. Enter! The look of the site isn't too pretty, but it gets the job done by allowing me to place checkmarks next to the goals I set on the days I accomplish them. For example, one of my goals is "Half-Marathon Training" and I can check off the days I run. You can also create a journal that supplements your goal: I use my journal to note how many miles I ran that day. The site allows you to run reports to track your progress on a graph -- you can see how well you did or if you really fell off the wagon.

The site runs off a point system, and you get positive points for each goal you check off. You can also add negative goals, i.e. bad habits you want to get rid of. If you put a check mark next to the negative goals, you’re assigned negative points. The whole idea is to stay in the positive and achieve your goals! I love it. Here’s to happy goal-setting. :)

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