5 years for them, 4 years for me

Four years ago this September will mark the day I climbed in a car with some friends one Sunday, visited a new church in Bellevue and never looked back. That Sunday happened to be the church's one-year anniversary, and while I didn't go to the anniversary party after the service, I was hooked enough on the people to go back next week. And the week after that. And the week after that. Now I find myself at the same church four years later, although we've moved the anniversary party from the fall to the spring in an attempt to avoid September rain (that didn’t work last year). I posted some pictures below, but they don’t do justice to the clouds of floating cotton that happened to be swirling their way around Lake Sammamish State Park. It was EVERYWHERE. In our hair, in our food, in our eyes… sick. But the food was great and the water balloon fight was very entertaining!

Our church is called Blue Sky Church, and it’s a church plant from a larger church in southern Illinois. Five years and counting!

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