The newest addition

Mark has been on the hunt for some sort of buffet table for months, and Craigslist finally came through. Mark picked up this mid-century credenza the other night and somehow fit it into his Mazda 3 hatchback for the 3-mile drive from Capitol Hill. I didn’t even know what a credenza was until yesterday, but my co-worker told me they used to be pretty popular. We’re retro!

Reasons to celebrate:

1. The credenza provides ample storage, which means we can move all our baking supplies and foodstuffs from the top shelf in our kitchen, eliminating my need for a chair whenever Mark isn’t around to grab things that escape my reach.

2. I can move the blender and mixer from the closet to the credenza, making them more accessible in the hopes that I might use them more frequently (or so Mark hopes).

3. The credenza creates counter space. If you’ve been to our apartment, you understand. We can stop using the pull-out cutting board as part of the buffet line when we have people over.

MUCH THANKS to Tyah and Andrea, who happened to be in the neighborhood when we needed movers. Little did they know they’d be put to work! Thanks girls!

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