We landed in Belize City and took a bus a couple hours later to Flores, Guatemala. The above is a view from our hostel, Dona Goya. Flores is an island in the middle of a lake and the surrounding views were beautiful - water and jungle! Since it was the jungle, it was flippin' H-O-T. I think my body went into shock from coming from such a cool climate to a stifling hot jungle. My fingers swelled up like sausages! Gross. The best part about our hostel was the rooftop deck, which housed a few hammocks.

The city was doing construction on our street so we couldn't exactly sleep in even if we wanted to, the noise was so bad. But the waterfront of Flores was very nice and walkable. Mark visited Flores a few years ago and said the waterfront wasn't nearly as built up as it was now.

The construction zone outside our hostel.
We spent two nights in Flores and ended up visiting a zoo that was on a different island a short boat ride away. Zoo pictures in the next post! Meaning... monkeys. And a hefty-looking jaguar.

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