#26 Double Feature: Roasted Lamb with Burnt Onions and Punjabi Red Beans

I know what you're thinking. Mark and burnt onions? Can it be??

Oh it can. And yes, burnt is a word.

In case you haven't made burnt onions before, the process goes like this: slice up a bunch of onions, throw them in a skillet, and cook them down until they look like tiny brown matchsticks. The apartment probably reeked like onion for hours. Then I added them to the lamb I'd been marinating in a yogurt/spices mixture, transferred the whole concoction to a baking dish and left it in the oven for two hours. It smelled like lamb heaven when Mark came home (my apologies to the lamb).

Meanwhile, I'd soaked dry red beans overnight which TOTALLY reminded me of those grow-a-date or grow-a-pet toys that you can get for a dollar. Anyone? No? I know I grew one of those at one point but I can't remember what it was! *Edit: I do remember what it was! It was a grow-a-groom and I got it at a friend's bridal shower! Anyways.* After the beans had expanded, I simmered them as instructed. I was not instructed to drain the beans but I think I should have, since I ended up with more of a chili consistency instead of a drier dish like I expected (although there was no picture accompanying the recipe, so maybe it was supposed to be like chili). Chili was fine with me though - I'm still lunching on it!

Roasted Lamb with Burnt Onions
Substitutions/omissions: None
Mistakes: Due to time constraints, I only marinated the lamb for an hour instead of the recommended four hours. Still tasted great to me!
Repeat: Yes but I'd serve rice with it this time. It only occurred to me as I was serving it that rice really should have accompanied. Brown basmati!

Punjabi Red Beans
Substitutions/omissions: I don't think I made any subs... but it was almost a week ago so I might not remember.
Mistakes: I did everything as written, so none!
Repeat: Yes - next time I'll try draining the beans and see what happens.

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