Leg 3: Antigua to Lago de Atitlan

A week into the trip, we took a bus from Antigua, Guatemala, to Lago de Atitlan, a beautiful lake ringed by mountains and volcanoes. We got a slammin' deal on our hotel room, which was just off the lake with a great view, for about $10 a night. There are multiple small towns you can travel to around the lake but we stayed in San Pedro, which was probably the most touristy of the bunch. This was one of my favorite legs of the trip - nothing to do but stare at the lake, read books and watch soccer games!

More pictures after the jump:

The view from our hotel - the weather was very hazy the whole time
we were there.

We rented a kayak one afternoon and took it out on the lake!
The courtyard of one of the churches in San Pedro.

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