In my makeup bag

Welcome to another installment of products I’m currently enjoying that I wanted to share!

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Concealer
One problem I encounter with some concealers is ultra-creaminess. I feel like they don’t set properly and then slide around, or I find them attracting stray mascara flakes and migrating eyeliner (making those darn under-eye circles even darker). This concealer is silicone-based and sets right away, leaving the area matte and perfect! Another tip I’ve discovered (perhaps everyone knew this already but I sure didn’t) is to use an eyeshadow primer on the under-eye area prior to the concealer—the concealer adheres to it and stays around longer, much like when you use eyeshadow with a primer. Who would’ve thought?

Laura Gellar Balance-N-Brighten Foundation
I won’t lie—I’m a foundation girl. I’m never without it and if there’s one product where I refuse to buy drugstore, it’s my foundation. Laura Gellar’s Balance-N-Brighten is a baked foundation that provides excellent coverage and does what it says—balances your skin tone and brightens your face. I got this product for Christmas from my Mom and I can’t say enough how pleased I am with it. It works well by itself or layered over a liquid foundation to set it. I use the shade Regular/Medium but they also offer shades in Fair and Tan. Regular/Medium is perfect for me in the wintertime when I’m paler than normal but I can see myself needing to use a bronzer in the summertime.

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