I’m convinced I should always have a three-day weekend. What I couldn’t accomplish (or just plain forgot to accomplish) on Sunday, I did on Monday and called it good. We didn’t get the chance to go out to dinner any of the four nights because of previously made plans so yesterday we took some time to visit Pike Place Market for lunch. I’ve always wanted to check out Beecher’s Cheese and try their macaroni and cheese because rumor has it it’s the best in Seattle. And oh man is it deserving. Just imagine the gooiest and creamiest mac-n-cheese and that’s what you’ll get at Beecher’s times ten. Seriously, it was that good. You’ll just have to fight the tourists and kiddos for a spare seat, which are in high demand!

Then we stopped by a guy selling tulips for fresh flowers—finally, a sign of spring!

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