The Louvre

If you only get to go to one museum in Paris, make it the Louvre. You see pieces in there that you only see in history books, and I’m not just talking about the “Mona Lisa,” though I’ve never seen a crowd like that at a museum before. We ran into the room where the “Mona Lisa” hung, snapped a quick (and terribly blurry) photo of it, and ran out! We decided to go to the Louvre after we went to the Eiffel Tower that morning, so we ended up spending about five hours there until the museum closed. Millie came with us too, which was fun.

My only problem was that the jetlag didn’t decide to hit me until we were in the middle of the Louvre. My friend once told me that she’d fallen asleep running (twice!) and I laughed (I mean… it’s kind of a funny mental image and she was fine both times) because I couldn’t imagine being so tired that I’d fall asleep during that kind of physical activity. And then I went to a museum with jetlag. I didn’t actually fall over but I felt like I had to mentally keep telling myself to put one foot in front of the other. Once I sat down on a bench and almost fell off because I nodded off instantly. Millie had to ask me if I was OK… I said I wasn’t but dang it, I’m a trooper! Nothing against the Louvre; my body just couldn’t take it anymore! Eventually I pulled myself together and felt a bit better but it was a little scary there for a while.

There she is...



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