A work update

I’ve been working in a war zone all week! Our office underwent a major re-gutting and guess who had to stay in the office the entire time. This girl! It’s been quite interesting to watch the progress but it did confirm our decision to not buy a fixer-upper. I just wasn’t made to live in such chaos. ;) It did however make me want to paint something. The office was repainted and it was such a visible facelift that I wanted to go immediately to a home improvement store and pick out new paint for the house. But so far I haven’t made good on that urge. Yet.

All the improvements will supposedly be done by the end of Monday so everyone else will be back in the office by Tuesday. While it’s been nice working in relative solitude (unless you count the painters, cabinet people, carpet people, furniture people, and sheetrock people), it’ll be nice to have everyone back in the office so they can stop calling me. ;)

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