If you've seen the movie "Midnight in Paris," you've seen Versailles, the palace of the kings and queens of France. We visited Versailles on a gloomy and rainy day, which diminished the palace's magic somewhat. We tried to keep a positive attitude (We're from Seattle! We're used to this!) but after about 45 minutes of roaming the grounds in a downpour, we decided it was time to go. The castle gets pretty crowded with all the visitors but I'd say it was worth a visit. I'm sure the grounds are much more gorgeous in sunlight. 

The French royalty sure knew how to build a palace. Or at least order around those that did.

 I think this was a chapel? We weren't allowed in.

 I'm sure all the gold here would've been brilliant in sunlight!

 Yeah, I'm gamely trying to be a trooper.

 You can see the grounds in the background. We barely even covered a third of the grounds and we were out there for 45 minutes. It would've been delightful on a beautiful day!

This was the first Starbucks we saw in Paris - out at Versailles. We didn't go in but we did visit one when we got back into Paris. What can I say, it was a rainy day... and rain equals Starbucks!

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