A Christmas hunt

Don’t you hate it when you turn the house upside down looking for something and just can’t find it? And then someone else finds it on the first try? A box of our Christmas items went missing (meaning I somehow didn’t put it with the rest of the Christmas decorations) but I was sure it was in the garage. But when I went to the garage, the box wasn’t there. This was no ordinary box: it had our stockings, stocking holders, and ALL the Christmas lights I’d amassed for the tree. So when we got our beautiful noble fir home and I found I had no lights to decorate with, I was upset.

Mark came in later and asked if I’d looked in the utility room. Of course I had, I said. So he went downstairs and came up a few minutes later. WITH THE MISSING BAG. Yes, it turned out to be a bag, not a box. I’d apparently laid it flat inside a shallow clear plastic bin, and it was the bottom bin in a stack of three in the utility room. I couldn’t see in part of the bin because another box was blocking it but from what I could see, it didn’t look like it had my Christmas stuff. But I was wrong. So I gave Mark a hug and put the bag with the rest of the Christmas decorations but didn’t start on the tree because by now it was late and searching had worn me out.

So tonight I’ll get on that. In the meantime, I was relieved to see our tree made it through the night without tipping. We had quite the tipsy tree last year!

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