Ooof. After the endless parade of holiday snacks, I needed a hit of veggies, fiber, and all-around healthy stuff. So I made some soup last night with a bunch of ingredients I had on hand. What I love about soups is you can change the innards based on what you have or what you’re in the mood for. Or if you get sick of eating so much soup, you can freeze it and have some a month later!

Broth: chicken broth, tomato paste, garlic, parsley, bay leaves, and a splash of soy sauce

Veggies: Fresh carrots, frozen corn, frozen green beans, diced tomatoes, cannellini beans

Whole grains: quinoa/brown rice mix

Protein: chopped chicken

I just remembered I have some lentils I should’ve thrown in! Next time. One thing I did differently was use pre-packaged “carving board” cooked chicken breast, which you can find in the pre-packaged deli meats section at the deli store. Per ounce I’m sure it’s more expensive than cooking your own or getting a rotisserie chicken and carving that up yourself, but it was a fast and easy way to add chicken without the hassle. I recommend! This kind of meal is the perfect meal after the gym because it comes together pretty quickly, especially if you use frozen vegetables (no chopping) and pre-cooked chicken and/or grains.

Speaking of working out in general, I bought a jump rope yesterday as a cardio alternative to running outside (because let’s face it, though I’ve been a northwesterner for years, I still dislike running in the rain). So while Mark worked on the motorcycle in the garage, I jumped rope next to him with NPR as background noise. :) I remember being able to jump rope pretty well as a kid but that coordination seems to have left me! And my calves are now killing me. But I sure enjoyed it!

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