Labor Day special

I don’t usually make side dishes with our meals. It’s enough for me just to get a main course done (unless you count rice as a side). Last night I decided to get ambitious and make two side dishes with the main course. The plan: baked chicken glazed with a lemon/honey/garlic/oregano concoction, baked zucchini brushed with butter and garlic, and whole wheat couscous. The reality: my evil baking sheet had its way with my zucchini and burned it. Zucchini FAIL. The chicken was a success though and it’s pretty hard to mess up couscous. Mark has gotten good at making a yogurt type of dressing for the couscous, which is dry all by itself. He mixes plain yogurt with garlic, mint and a hint of sugar, which livens up the unseasoned couscous. I’m a big fan of couscous – it only takes five minutes to cook. Who wouldn’t like that? But enough of the couscous fan club. I need to go buy some more zucchini.

And no, I’m not a great food photographer, especially when Mark is hungry.


Esther said...

Hey Heather! If you like couscous I would suggest Quinoa! It is a small grain like couscous and very good for you! I cook mine with chicken broth and it is very flavorful. :)

Heather Seymour said...

Thanks Esther! I've heard a lot about quinoa lately, I'll have to check it out!