Gardening 101

After two months of discussing the possibility in my head, I've decided to give this whole gardening thing a shot! We have a garden plot in the back yard of the house we rent, so I got permission from the owner to dig it up and put in some veggies and herbs. The plot is perfect for a beginner - about 8'x10'. Big enough for a sizable crop but small enough to manage (I hope).

Mark and I dug up the ground cover and weeds that had taken over the plot on Saturday. It was a harder job than I imagined - I haven't wielded a shovel in a long time! I started out digging up the plot myself but Mark came down after seeing I wasn't making much headway. The ground cover plants were Spanish lavender (or so the buried plant markers told me) and I felt bad pulling them up because they were so pretty!

I don't remember the last time I was that grimy - or the last time I'd handled earthworms. I felt like I was a kid again in my aunt's and uncle's garden on the outskirts of Greeley, Colorado. Only our garden is much smaller than theirs was!

Before we went to town with the shovel

The plot is now ready for planting!

Casualties of the battle - Spanish lavender

Inspired by our gardening endeavors, we also got a planter for our deck and planted some herbs in it. Now sweet basil is only a step away.

Sweet basil, cilantro and thyme


cousin Kathy said...

Just an observational note, Ms.Green Thumb: they are Spanish Bells (a bulb), not lavender (a woody shrub). Whole diff plant. Pretty nonetheless, and they do spread prolifically! I sympathize with your blood, sweat and blisters in prepping a gardening site, but the resulting produce, no matter how meager or abundant, will be your sweet reward. Happy gardening! Be sure to take notes on what works, etc so you can double down for next year! Yes, gardening is a gamble. Love your blog, btw!

Heather Seymour said...

Thanks for the clarification Kathy! We dug up SO many bulbs... actually I won't be surprised if some Spanish bells start sprouting up again. Yep I still have a Band-Aid over a blister on my hand. Thanks for reading! :)