Peanut chicken with a side of Goose

No, we didn't really eat goose with our dinner tonight. Goose is my longtime friend Jessica, who joined us for a dinner of chicken satay with peanut sauce. Jess and I have been friends for about six and a half years - we met as college freshmen on the third floor of Hill Hall at Seattle Pacific University and have been great friends ever since. Some time freshman or sophomore year, we decided to start calling each other Goose and Mav, after Tom Cruise and his friend in "Top Gun", and the names stuck.

I tried to find some good pictures of us from the dorms but the only one I could find of just the two of us is extremely embarrassing. So... Jess, don't kill me.

Oh college. Those were the days - we had nothing more important to do than style our hair all crazy, put on eyeliner and take pictures of ourselves. Besides writing essays and being upstanding citizens and such. Love ya Goose!


Jessica said...

Gah, very sweet friend!

April said...

this is hilarious. the hair-do...were so in :)