Repairs and rentals

We heard back from the body shop where we took my poor Mazda and so far the damage is $4,500, not counting possible damage to the rear suspension. Yikes! I am so grateful the other driver had insurance or we’d be out our deductible, which isn’t exactly low.

In the meantime, Enterprise has rented me a silver Hyundai Sonata, which looks surprisingly similar to my own car. I went to go pick up the car yesterday but got stuck on the bus in awful traffic on the way back to Seattle. I called Enterprise when I arrived downtown to tell them I wouldn’t be able to make it before they closed – there was no way I’d be getting up to Capitol Hill by bus in only 15 minutes since I had to get out of the bus tunnel and up and over a few blocks to another bus stop.

Luckily for me, Enterprise delivered on its promise to pick up potential clients and offered to meet me at the Seattle Hilton, only blocks away from the bus tunnel. I had to spend an awkward 20 minutes standing outside the hotel at the corner of University and 6th but Enterprise made it there. In fact, the whole exchange probably looked quite odd to any onlookers. The Enterprise guy zoomed up to the curb in the Sonata, rolled down his window and half-shouted, “Heather?!” I yelled “Yes!!”, ran into the street and jumped into the car. At least I was standing next to a car rental sign…

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