Where on earth have I been?

Work has been exceptionally busy lately, especially since I've been preparing for our three-week trip to Central America in April. I want to get everything done and prepared before we leave.

Items I still need for our vacation:
  • Sunglasses (Nordstrom, I'm looking at you - BP selections are only $10!)
  • Higher socks I can wear with my adorable hiking shoes so they won't rub my feet and give me not-so-adorable blisters.
  • A new camera? My trusty Canon Powershot (4.0 megapixels -- top of the line at the time!) has been with me for six years now and is showing its age. The casing is coming apart slightly at the seams and it tends to get stuck on video mode unless you know exactly how to hold the slider that changes the mode from video to camera (I'm a pro at this, but handing it off to others to take a picture of you proves tricky). And it would be awful for it to die during the trip!
Less than three weeks until Central America! No puedo esperar!

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