The packing has begun in earnest in the Seymour household! It’s unbelievable how much stuff we’ve accumulated in the past four years. In college I could fit my life into two suitcases (and check them for free)! My boss asked me if we were hiring movers and when I said we were going the friends-and-family route, he said, “Yeah, this will be the last time you do THAT again.” Mo’ square footage, mo’ stuff!

Most of our books—and we have TONS of books—have found their way into boxes, as well as our games and some of our kitchen appliances. My poor stand mixer has to sit alone and unused in a box for a few weeks while we’re in transition. The Good Will pile is growing and Mark will have to put aside his mild OCD while the apartment is in complete disarray.

Isn’t it always when you start packing that you find items you think you lost? We went down to the storage unit to look for the kitchen appliance boxes and I found ornaments from two years ago hiding in the stand mixer box. I looked everywhere for those ornaments and finally bought new ones because I couldn’t figure out what I did with them!

In the meantime, the first casualty was suffered in the name of moving. A friend gave me a Christmas cookie jar a couple of years ago and it somehow fell off the shelf of the storage unit while we were moving boxes and shattered on the concrete floor. What can you do, one less thing to move, right?

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