Keys tomorrow?

Remember how I mentioned two weeks ago that packing had begun in earnest? I kinda lied. We packed those two evenings and then sat around for a week, mainly because we hit another snafu in the house-buying process. I envy whoever is having a smooth home-buying transition! I hear that this is just how it goes sometimes, and now I feel like we have plenty of firsthand knowledge we can pass on to all our friends. I hesitate to even say this out loud based on what a rollercoaster this has been, but it does indeed look like we are receiving the keys to the house tomorrow, right in time for a moving party Saturday morning. How’s that for living on the edge?

Back to packing, most everything is now in some sort of box except for the contents of the fridge, pantry items, and random d├ęcor that I never know what to do with. Our apartment looks like a disaster but a lot of the clutter is due to the Goodwill pile smack dab in the middle of the room, which we’ll be delivering tonight.

Shoe box
My shoe box! Minus the seven pairs I kept out “just in case I needed them.”

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