An {unhelpful} house update

Just letting everyone know there is no update… yet. We still haven’t gotten out of the appraisal stage – there was a slight hiccup with the appraisal of the house and the bank is reviewing it for errors. We should be hearing back about it soon, but we’ve also been saying that for days now.

Our plan was to move on the 21st but it doesn’t look like that will happen since the closing has been pushed to the 20th. I suppose we still could, but we’d have to rent the truck in advance and there’s no guarantee (yet) that closing will actually happen by the 20th. After all, we were originally supposed to close today! But our loan officer said this is just a sign of the times and nowadays nine out of ten loans go through these kind of hiccups and scrutiny. I just wish we could know for sure what was going to happen because it would motivate me to pack!

My co-worker said her daughter got plenty of packing boxes for free at Marshall’s just by asking if they had any boxes they wanted to get rid of, so I went to Ross (basically the same thing?) and asked for boxes. They didn’t have any but the security girl told me to go to Old Navy, and I walked out of there yesterday with about 20 sturdy, already broken-down boxes! First hurdle down. Next hurdle? Actually putting things in the boxes. Mark packed two-thirds of a bookshelf last night while I went through all of our wedding/post-wedding cards that have been residing in a wicker box in the guest room. And good thing I actually went through them all because I found an REI gift card for $100! Fun freebies aside, I enjoyed going through all the cards again and reading the sweet sentiments. :) Afterward we couldn’t pack anything else because though I had procured some awesome boxes, I didn’t bring home any packing tape to put them together. Tonight, I suppose.

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