Another house update

Revision: the appraisal chapter is in fact NOT closed. Did I mention this was a roller coaster?

This is why the home-buying process has been such a roller coaster:

Last Thursday: “The inspection is taking place either today or tomorrow so you will get the report maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Last Friday: “The inspection happened today but we probably won’t hear anything for another week.”

And then today: Mark Gmail chatted me and said that he just got the report and the house appraised under what we offered. I didn’t know what to think—at the moment I was standing in a furniture store browsing for a new dining table set. If the house appraised for under what we offered, our options were to either hope the sellers would lower their price to match the appraised value or back out of the deal, since who wants to pay more for what the house is worth? I asked him what we should do now. Then he replied with “Never mind, see Jeff’s e-mail, we made value. I must not know how to read appraisal reports…”

That’s exactly what happened last time: just when I thought we’d lost the house, the opposite happened.

With that news in, I believe the only thing that stands between us and the house is time: closing is scheduled for mid-April. The ball is rolling! In the meantime, Crate and Barrel has sucked me in to their beautiful offerings. Why must pretty things be so expensive?

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Megs said...

Congrats! I remember buying my house about a year and a half ago & all the roller coaster rides I took with mine-- mine was a short sale, so there were several months of just waiting and waiting for the bank, and then all of a sudden we were negotiating, doing appraisals, estimates, etc. and in less than 2 weeks I was in the house. It was crazy! Watch out for Crate & Barrel-- that store is difficult to leave empty handed. Try CB2, their sister store with (a little bit) more reasonable prices.