We skipped the baby and went straight to the 16-year-old! We were sort of guardians this weekend to a friend’s 16-year-old daughter while they were out of town. She’s pretty self-sufficient and really the only reason she needed us around was because she still has her driver’s permit and couldn’t drive by herself. So she chauffeured us around and also made us breakfast and coffee. It was like being at a B&B!

She does competitive horse jumping (don’t you wish you were that cool) so we went to her barn to watch her practice and exercise the horses. We didn’t get to ride but we did meet a few horses and got friendly with the barn cats, who acted like they were positively starved for attention. I’ve never met needier cats in my life! The field trip reaffirmed that I have no animal allergies—anyone who did would have been a wreck!

The cats knew a cat person when they saw one.

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