Too many meds?

Mark came home with sinus meds on Tuesday so I’m happy to say I’m much better now!

Or am I?

Yesterday I acted the part of a responsible car owner and took the car into the Mazda dealership for its free replacement of recalled parts. Where these parts were in the car I have no clue (well, I know one is in the power steering but I don’t know where the other part was), but after months of postcards telling me to take in the car for the free repairs, I finally made an appointment to take it in. The reason I hesitated to take in the car in the first place was because I didn’t want to be without a car for a day (it’s not like I can drive the motorcycle) but then they told me that they’d give me a loaner car! And he said it so matter-of-factly that it must be standard procedure?

I walked into the dealership and the receptionist asked if I was picking up a car. I said no, I was dropping it off, I had an appointment at noon. She asked for my name but couldn’t find record of me in the system, so she asked what type of car I drove.

Me: “A Mazda 3.”

Her: “Oh… this is the AUDI dealership.”

Me: “Oh wow, oops, I guess I wasn’t even paying attention! Obviously. So sorry!”

I’m sure this dork was the story of the day in there. In my defense, the dealerships are right next to each other. I think my subconscious is telling me I want an Audi.

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