Operation early riser

Should this house situation work out, I’ll have to leave for work about 10 minutes earlier than I currently do. I’ve taken the last week to start changing my wake-up habits so it won’t be such a shock to get up earlier because yes, even 10 minutes is a big difference for me! Plus, I’m not really giving myself enough time in the morning right now anyway – my eyeliner and mascara usually get applied at work since I don’t have time at home (hey, at least I’m not doing it in the car) and lately I’ve been leaving a little too late to comfortably make it through morning traffic and still arrive on time.

Let’s face it: I’m just NOT a morning person. During my dorm years in college, I had to set an alarm for 12:30 p.m. just to get to the cafeteria before it closed a half hour later. I’m always the last one up at family gatherings and if there’s an event on my calendar any time before 11 on a Saturday, I don’t consider the morning as a “sleeping in” morning because I have to set an alarm. And if you have to set an alarm, it doesn’t count.

I started out small: I set my alarm 10 minutes earlier than my normal rise time and gave myself one five-minute “snooze” so I’m really only getting up five minutes earlier. I did this for four days and then on the fifth, moved the alarm back another five minutes. I plan on doing this four more times until I’m getting up at 5:45. This will also break me of my snooze habit, which can reach up to four hits of the snooze button before I finally get out of bed.

Discipline = adulthood.

The next step is perhaps going to bed a little earlier to make up for the lost sleep but I don’t see that happening any time soon!

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