From apartment to house

With the help of a small army of about 15 people, we moved into our new (old) house on Saturday! We’d packed nearly everything beforehand so when the army showed up, we could start bringing down boxes right away. Most everything fit in Mark’s company van, a Penske truck, and two cars, with no broken items or missing boxes. Even my shoebox of nail polish made it safely with no spills! We started right on the dot at 11 a.m. by half-loading the company van while waiting for Mark and the truck, and were done loading all vehicles by 12:30. I left a bit early to meet the pizza guy at the new house so lunch could be ready by the time everyone else arrived and by the time 2 p.m. rolled around, everything was unloaded! Three hours from start to finish, including lunch and travel time = not bad at all. I hope it was a fairly painless experience for everyone; we tried to make it as easy and smooth as possible.

We did leave some items at the old apartment like cleaning supplies, as well as our plants and the fish, both of which require a little more TLC during a move that we were afraid might not be present on the big moving day. These items made it over on Monday evening, after we checked out of the old apartment. The fish had an especially traumatic ride… thankfully he’s still alive! Both of us were sad to leave that place, both the neighborhood and the actual apartment—so many good memories there!

The new house is still a royal mess. The only room that looks remotely decent is the kitchen, which is all unpacked thanks to Mark’s sister and brother-in-law, who stayed later on Saturday to help us unpack it. All the storage is wonderful – we really have no need for our credenza anymore, which is sitting unloved in the living room since we discovered a vent along the dining room wall where we were going to put it. It might get Craigslisted… we’ll see.

Here’s a shot of the good side of the living room. The other side is in shambles so I left that part out! Once a picture gets hung and we replace that lamp, it’ll start coming together. It almost looks normal?


Esther said...

Congratulations on the new house! It is so cute Heather!!! More pictures please :)

Heather Seymour said...

Thanks Esther! :)