Mark and I went out to brunch to celebrate the house last weekend which was a real treat since we NEVER go out for brunch. I mean like, ever! I think I can count on one hand (fine, maybe two) the number of times we’ve gone out to breakfast/lunch, not counting vacations. Since we were going to be in the University district Saturday morning, we decided on Portage Bay CafĂ©, a Seattle favorite. They have a well-stocked pancake/waffle toppings bar with lots of fruit, syrups, and toppings from which to choose, but I deviated from my pancake norm and went with a savory hot breakfast instead: the chorizo sausage and egg scramble with roasted potatoes. I have to say it: the savory breakfasts (I sampled Mark’s ham and Beecher’s cheese scramble also) totally live up to the hype of the restaurant. I can’t rave too much about the pancakes and waffles – how special can those really be? – but man those savory dishes were good.

Behind the restaurant is an outdoor space that houses the laying hens, ducks, and other animals that (I believe) supply food to the restaurant, as well as herbs. They also had this rabbit who was absolutely HUGE. He’s probably the biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen! It’s hard to tell in this picture but he’s much larger than your average household cat. I don’t know if they are fattening him up for stew or what, but he’s massive.

We also stopped by the crew races at UW for the opening day of boating season. UW completely smoked the other teams so the alumni around us were excited. It was a beautiful morning to sit on the Montlake cut and watch the boats go by! The people next to us had a cuddly Bernese Mountain dog, who acted as my backrest and kept me warm. Love!

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