We got to meet our absolutely perfect nephew, Parker James, two days ago and I’ve been smitten ever since. I picked up Mark’s mom from the airport Wednesday afternoon and we jetted to the airport to congratulate the proud baby mama and papa and meet the little guy. Let me tell you, Kelly looked AMAZING for having just given birth. Really, I was like, um, did you really just go through labor? Because I look worse than that after a three-mile run… a new mama glow, perhaps. :) The new grandma was the first to hold Parker and then he was handed to me which, let’s face it, is kind of a big deal for me. I’ll explain.

You see, I’ve never been much of a baby person. I chalk this up to the fact that I’ve simply never been around babies much in my life, so they’re kind of mysterious and fragile to me. Even when I was a kid I was more into Barbies and Legos rather than baby dolls. I just never went through a baby phase and never quite understood the hype. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve probably held maybe three babies ever. Ever! I went to an open house celebrating the birth of my co-worker’s daughter’s twins and needed coaching on how to hold one (after my refusal to hold one was denied). My co-worker said, “You’re not around babies very much, are you?” No. No, I’m not.

I definitely feel like I’m in the minority (fine, I know I’m in the minority) when it comes to my thoughts on children and my comfort level around babies. I know I want children someday. Just not now! I do think this is directly related to my exposure to babies though and can feel that unease ebbing away the longer I’m with our new nephew. But every time I think I might want a baby, the weight of the responsibility of parenthood quickly pushes the idea from my head. I hear that at some point you just feel “ready” and I hope that happens to me, where the hope eventually outweighs the apprehension.

The bottom line is I’m so, so glad that Kelly went first on the baby front so when my time comes, she’ll be a great resource. I know they’ll be awesome parents and I’m grateful to be along for the ride!

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