Some new {old} house pictures

Above: this picture is already outdated because we've since laid down the living room rug, but I don't have a picture of that yet. Mark's beloved table arrived at the house in a separate trip in our car since he didn't trust it to be moved safely on our actual moving day. Yes, that table fit in our car! The glory of a hatchback - tons of stuff can fit back there! The table looks great against the wood floor, especially now that the rug is down and can kind of pull the space together. We still haven't figured out what we're going to do with all the wall space but we have a few pieces up. They'll probably get moved around though... it'll be a wall shuffle!

Above: this picture is also outdated because we've since laid down our dining room rug (both rugs we already had). Our IKEA dining table is still in use. I kinda love how that house outside the window looks like a barn... it doesn't in real life though, just in this picture! Definitely looks rural.

Above: the other side of the dining room. That other door leads to a bathroom and two spare rooms, one of which we've converted to an office.

Above: and this is the other half of the living room, which is still in transition (obviously). I've been stalking Pinterest for mantle ideas because that is one big mantle to decorate! I love the built-ins though and the space was already set up for speakers. We've put the receiver on the credenza and leave out my old Mac so we can pipe music from the office (where our main computer is) into the living room. Eventually we want to put some comfy reading chairs where the credenza is but that's not a priority at the moment. Those boxes aren't there anymore so I call that our dance floor. :)

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